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At our core, we are construction project experts. At your core, you are an owner with countless responsibilities to manage outside of the project. Allowing us the opportunity to do what we do best provides you the freedom to focus on the mission and objectives that drive your organization.

Why do owners need your services?

Owners’ primary focus should be their core business, their primary mission — not the construction activities of their project.

CORE champions the owner’s interests; we are the owner’s advocate. Instead of taking away a resource of the organization to select, manage, and control the designers and contractors, choose CORE to manage the process. Not only will CORE direct resources to be focused on the owner’s primary mission, but CORE will add value to the project by being efficient and effective in use of the time and resources of the project.

What will CORE bring to its clients that no other project management firm can offer?

CORE will focus on capturing and addressing every facet of the owners’ interests for their project. To me, it’s critical to address every desire, requirement, and idea of the owner. After all, it is their project and they are paying for it. I will let them know on the front end if adjustments need to be made.

Once a project is complete, what’s the one thing above all else, you want your clients to remember about their experience?

We want our clients to know, with a complete sense of trust, that CORE kept their interests at the heart of the project. When the owners look back on their projects, they will know that they were focused on the “why” of their project and not on the “how” of their project — because CORE was always focused on the “how.”

CORE’s discipline is not only to strike a balance in the pursuits of the project team but also to insure the environment is respected and protected through sustainable design and construction practices. Those responsible for facility construction and maintenance must respond to today’s evolving technologies. CORE and its associates are dedicated to the advancement of the functional application of sustainable project management practices.

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