Charles Crosby

Charles Crosby
Founder and President

Why did you found CORE Project Management?

I started CORE to continue and deepen my involvement in the construction industry and to leverage my strengths in project management.

I began CORE by asking myself a lot of questions and arrived at an answer convicted by my faith, supported by many good friends, and most importantly, supported by my wife and family. I am at my best when I am at the meeting table with all of the parties involved (designers, owners, contractors) getting the group to work together towards the goal of building the best project with the available resources.

I want to make sure everyone’s issues are heard and considered, make decisions, and move forward with those decisions. As an owner’s representative, I apply my strengths to the full spectrum of a project, from the cost feasibility study at conception all the way through moving into the new project and beyond.

What led you to the construction industry, and why have you decided to devote your career to construction?

So, how does a guy with a master of accountancy degree land in the construction industry? … Well, I studied accounting at the University of Georgia because I loved numbers and money, and it is a great basis to understanding the lifeblood of any business, as my dad often told me. I always enjoyed building things and taking things apart; I worked in construction every summer while I was in college.

During interviews in graduate school, one of my responses to the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” was to be involved in the construction industry. My 14 years as a CPA, controller, and corporate manager taught me a lot about finances, people, and business strategies. In 1999, I had the opportunity to fulfill my goal, when I was offered a position at Juneau Construction Company as a project manager.

And the rest is history. I love building and creating, leading the project team to do things that they did not realize they could accomplish. I love completing a project that has a positive impact on the lives of the users of the building.

CORE’s discipline is not only to strike a balance in the pursuits of the project team but also to insure the environment is respected and protected through sustainable design and construction practices. Those responsible for facility construction and maintenance must respond to today’s evolving technologies. CORE and its associates are dedicated to the advancement of the functional application of sustainable project management practices.

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